Nippon Golf has succeeded in creating an incredibly wide base of shafts that can potentially fit almost any type of player. There are ultra light-weight shafts for senior golfers, as well as 130 gram and up shafts for players with a heavier swing. Our lightest shaft (a graphite iron shaft) is an incredible 52.5 grams, perfect for those with a slower swing that need a little help getting their swing speed up.

Some of the technology behind Nippon Shafts is far above the rest of the shaft market. A recent breakthrough in shaft design led to the discovery of Deflection Modular Control (DMC). DMC helps locate the shaft weight towards the grip of the shaft, resulting in full, easy swings. One of the best aspects of the DMC design though, is that it's effect is not lost on the larger heads; you will instantly notice a difference from your very first swing of the club.