N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 Iron Shaft Set

N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 Iron Shaft Set
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With over fifty years of relentless Research and Development, Nippon Shaft has established the benchmark with a commitment to excellence and innovation in the design of steel and graphite golf shafts for professionals and amateurs alike.

Our integrated production lines are strictly monitored and controlled with thorough checks conducted in a highly responsible manner throughout the whole production process. This is one way Nippon Shaft controls high product quality - from material selection to final testing - and sets the company apart from its competition with an unmatched quality level that has others in the industry playing catch up.

The move to the PGA Tour is a logical step in the evolution of Nippon Shaft - the world's best shafts should be showcased weekly in the highest level tournament competition. For many years golfers have wondered why Nippon Shaft did not offer heavier, tour-required performing shafts for the faster swing speed players.

It takes time and exhaustive testing to create products to match the performance requirements of the best players. Listening to player feedback over the last 12 months, new "tour" prototypes were developed to suit the needs of tour professionals and have been further refined and engineered in response to their comments.

Now, the benefits of the high quality and consistent performance of our award winning lightweight N.S. Pro 950GH series can now be found in our new series, N.S. Pro Modus3.
Flex Length (#3-W) Weight Torque Kick Point Butt OD Tip OD
R2 38.5-35.0" 73.5 2.9 Low 0.570 0.355
R 38.5-35.0" 74.0 2.8 Low 0.570 0.355
S 38.5-35.0" 77.5 2.6 Low 0.570 0.355